YLO Violin - Timeless

The album “TIMELESS” of YLO VIOLIN is a musical journey around the world, full of rhythms and melodies from various parts of the world.

The compositions convey emotional associations very precisely, the violin tells stories that transport the listener to another world, and at the same time they are timeless. We will hear instrumental music with electric violin, varied in sound, from romantic ballads to very energetic electronic sounds. All music composed by Polish well known composers: Irek Dreger, Piotr Opatowicz, Radosław Rozbicki.

The album also includes two classic songs: Vivaldi’s “Storm” from “Four Seasons” and Schumann’s “Dream”, which were performed in a modern and original arrangement by Ilona Perz-Golka. As she says, the electric violin allows her to experiment with sound endlessly and without limits.

The album “Timeless” is a multi-layered musical experience worth recommending!

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