YLO Violin - Solar Eclipse

“Solar Eclipse” – the latest album of YLO Violin, in the style of alternative rock, purely instrumental, extremely energetic. All 10 songs are masterfully and with character played on the electric violin. The album also includes delicate violin sound in ambient-sounding ballads (“Moon Meditation” or “River Flow”). The work on the album was extremely inspiring and musically demanding. The composer of all musical tracks is Alejandro Enrique Campos (American composer and music producer of Venezuelan origin. Alejandro is the winner of the Grammy music award for best pop song in 2004: “Asi es la vita”, sung by Olga Tanon. Currently he works as a composer and music arranger Miami Philharmonic). The music for “Solar Eclipse” was composed especially for YLO Violin.

All studio recordings, mixing and mastering, were made in Poland with great musicians:

  • Ilona Perz-Golka – electric violin
  • Paul Polish Gromadzki – guitar solo
  • Tomek Zawadzki – bass guitar
  • Oskar Podolski – drums
  • Alejandro Campos – instrumental keyboard

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