Wydarzenia i Nowości

“Fever” na żywo ze Studia Dzień Dobry TVN:

Południe z Animuszem w RDC – rozmowa z YLO Violin:

“Burza” YLO Violin – Dzień Dobry TVN:



Koncert Filharmonia Sudecka w Wałbrzychu

" Y L O  V I O L I N  S y m f o n i c z n i e " już wkrótce, bo 28 marca 2020 roku w Filharmonii Sudeckiej w Wałbrzychu. Będzie to wielkie wydarzenie w świecie muzycznym, a mianowicie YLO zagra utwory ze swojej nowej płyty " Timeless " - czyli muzykę nowoczesną na...

Koncert YLO Violin na żywo w Radio Rzeszów

13 marca 2020 r. Koncert YLO Violin na żywo w Sali Koncertowej im. Tadeusza Nalepy w Polskim Radio Rzeszów godz.19:00



YLO Violin (Official Music Video)

Fever – my first original electric violin song composed by Radosław Rozbicki
and me (Ilona Perz-Golka).
In the music video I performed in the beautiful tailcoats designed by Ewa Stepaniuk.
The video was taken in beautiful Pałac Czosnowskich (woj.mazowieckie).

Breath of Time

YLO Violin (Official Music Video)

Breath of Time – from my new music album TIMELESS – YLO Violin This is my own composition (Ilona Perz-Golka)

On the beach

YLO Violin (Official Music Video)

On the beach – original electric violin song composed by Radosław Rozbicki.

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Cosmic Meadows

YLO Violin (Official Music Video)

Hi Dears, here it is my new composition Cosmic Meadows. In this composition I have been inspired by the peace and harmony flowing from the cosmos, penetrating the mind, giving relief and inner peace. This is my musical vision of merging with the cosmos and experiencing a full relax of the mind.

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
YLO Violin cover

Violin Cover of “Nothing else matters” by Metallica. I hope you like my arrangement of this famous song 🙂

Ennio Morricone – Chi Mai – YLO Violin – original Le Professionnel

Chi Mai – (Italian: whoever) is a composition by Ennio Morricone written in 1971. It was used in the films Maddalena (1971) and Le Professionnel (1981), as well as in the television series An Englishman’s Castle and The Life and Times of David Lloyd George. Because of its appearance on the latter television programme, “Chi Mai” reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart in 1981.

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